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Icons, Photoshop extras, and more!
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What is graphic_echoes?
A graphics community for me to post my icons, textures, brushes, etc... and for you to download, borrow, etc.

Only I will be posting. I ask you to please comment and credit when taking my graphics. Do not hotlink. That's why there's photobucket. It's free and only takes seconds to sign up!

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Icon Requests!

Now taking icon requests. Just fill out this

* = Required to fill out
*Topic: What will your icon be about(ie: Harry Potter)
Graphic URL: URL to specific graphic you want used (if there is one)
Colors used: Do you want any specific colors integrated into the design
Text used:
Fonts used: Special fonts you want used
Any other text/font effects: Anything else you want done to the text/font
Any animation: Do you want or definitely not want any animation and if so, what?
Special: Anything else important, specific, or descriptive that'll help me make the icon you want

Copy and paste from here:

Please be as specific as possible and fill out as many as the fields as possible, it'll be easier on both of us! I will take requests at my discretion, so please don't be bitchy with me.


Topic: Vincent, FFVII, Dirge of Cerberus
Graphic URL: Any
Colors used: Any
Text used: Any
Fonts used: Any
Any other text/font effects: Any
Any animation: Any
Special: I've been searching a few hours now, and I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong places, but I can not find any Vincent icons that people are willing to let me comment/credit and "borrow." I've been contemplating leaving you a message for a while, since I feel weird randomly begging someone for icons since I really suck at them. So...pretty please? As long as it's Vincent I, personally, will love it. Obviously, I promse to credit/comment appropriatly.

If I put this in the wrong place, goman na sai, and please forgive me.-_-