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Icons, Photoshop extras, and more!
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What is graphic_echoes?
A graphics community for me to post my icons, textures, brushes, etc... and for you to download, borrow, etc.

Only I will be posting. I ask you to please comment and credit when taking my graphics. Do not hotlink. That's why there's photobucket. It's free and only takes seconds to sign up!

May 2007
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I'm back and better than ever? I hope so... have some layouts...
All shall be revealed, my friendCollapse )

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Groovin' to: Make Like a Tree and Leave compilation

Want to promote graphic_echoes? Have a button!

Copy the code and paste it where you want the button to appear. It'll also be linked back to this communities userinfo. That simple!

I appreciate you promoting. I want this to be a good, active community. I also want feedback so that I can become better at my graphics which in turn is better for you. It's the circle of helping happiness. Haha. Thanks! =)

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This is an updated version of my credits and resources (so that it's not just a link back to my old ones which hadn't been updated in a while). I might not have actually used something so far from these places, but I've at least seen/saved their work and that way it's covered if I use something by them in the future. Please check these people and sites out, they all have great work.

Find 'em under the cutCollapse )

Now taking icon requests. Just fill out this

request formCollapse )

Please be as specific as possible and fill out as many as the fields as possible, it'll be easier on both of us! I will take requests at my discretion, so please don't be bitchy with me.

For you, all the decent (in my eyes) icons I've made to date. Many were previous entries for contests I've done.

ENJOY!Collapse )

More to come soon!

If you have any questions or feed back, please post!

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My name is Nikki and I'm the creator/owner of this community.

graphic_echoes is a community I made for me to post my graphics and such in. No one else is allowed to post, this is just a place for me to post graphics, take requests, and interact with other lj-ers =)

Please join the community to see the icons. I ask that you please comment, credit in some fashion, and do not hotlink!

Here's a (not yet complete) list of my credits & resources (transferred from my old lj account): resources/credits

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